The protected australian wildlife

Photo The protected australian wildlife

Australia, a country with unique fauna and flora, which is both wild and captivating, consisting of endemic species, especially for animals. Go to the discovery of these animals, most of which are famous and worth seeing.

Many of them are not yet known by the public and are only visible in the country. You may know kangaroos and koalas, and if you want to discover their habitat and lifestyles, you can visit Kangaroo Island. In addition, there are still other places that you need to discover!

Wild animals in Australia

There are various Australian wild animals. However, we will present the most particular ones and those you should see during your stay there:

  •  Kangaroos and wallabies: gray and brown, from powerful to more delicate, these marsupials are divided into several species. Millions in the wild, they are the emblem of Australia.
  •  The Koala: meeting these animals is something you need to consider during the passage in Australia. With its thick gray fur, crushed nose and eyes, this nocturnal animal is solitary in nature. With its fear of men, it remains attached to eucalyptus while remaining calm and silent. Unfortunately, they are now an endangered species.
  •  The Wombat: this little marsupial looks like a bear and is the one visitors seek the most. Visible especially in parks, natural reserves and in the mountainous forests of the Southeast, it comes out of their burrow only at the time of the meal and to cool off.
  •  The Dingo: in the pure wild state, this typical Australian Outback animal is afraid of men. It lives in remote areas of Australia such as Fraser Island and it is strongly advised not to approach it.

Dangerous animals in Australia

Animals classified as dangerous in Australia are hardly indomitable. Even if we can meet them at random on the way, we must not take the risk of approaching or feeding them. During the dives, pay attention to the box jellyfish, the blue-ringed Octopus and the stonefish. They are all venomous despite their docile appearance and camouflage.

There is also the endemic and very dangerous snake called Taipan, which is found in the deserts of the Southeast.

The red back spider is Australia's tiniest spider. With its size of 1 cm, it is difficult to see it yet, we can recognize it with its red bade on the abdomen. The bite of this spider causes intense pain and can be fatal.

A fauna with rare beauty

Even if there are dangerous animals among wildlife, they are worth seeing because you can only find them in Australia. In addition, other harmless animals such as kangaroos and koalas or monotremes are not harmful to men.

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