Learn about the koala in Australia

Learn about the koala in Australia

The Koalas or the koala bears are marsupials which are endemic to Australia. They belong to the Phascolarctidae family. Koalas are poached animals, just like the wombats and kangaroos. Read and learn about the Koala.

The Australian koala's habitat

Some koalas inhabit the forests in the coasts of Australia. Others inhabit the eucalyptus forests in the southern and eastern part of the country, especially in Queensland, in Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia.

Characteristics of the Australian koala

Koalas are herbivorous animals. Koalas in the northern part of Australia are silver grey in color; whereas those from the southern parts are brown. 

  •  It has a large body, but has no tail. The average body length is about 70 cm, and its average weight is 10 to 12 kilos. The koala has a large head, with a big round nose and round ears.
  •  Koalas can sleep on a tree up to 18 or 20 hours a day. That is probably because of their diet. When they do not sleep, they eat.
  •  Koalas are poaches mammals; which means that they have poaches in front of them in which they carry their babies after birth.

Koala diet and eating habits

Koalas are herbivorous, which means that they only eat leaves. In general, koalas feed mainly on eucalyptus leaves. Eucalyptus leaves are fibrous and have very low nutritional values. An adult koala may consume up to 400 grams of eucalyptus leaves every day.

  •  Koalas in other parts of Australia also consume other fibrous leaves from other trees, particularly acacias, allocasuarina, and other.
  •  Koalas drink very little water.

How do koalas reproduce

Female koalas mate when they are mature. Mating takes place once a year. Gestation takes place up to 35 days or a little less after mating. Breeding seasons are late spring or early summer, that is between August and March.

  •  Females give birth to only one underdeveloped koala baby, this means, most of its body is not yet at a complete stage.
  •  After birth, the underdeveloped koala crawls into its mother's poach. The mother koala feeds the baby koala with milk for as long as 12 months.
  •  It remains there until its body is fully developed and complete, that is, until its body and fur resemble to an adult's.

Baby koalas

The baby koala begins to poke its head out of the mother's poach when it is 7 months old. At that time it weighs approximately between 350g and 500 g.

  •  The baby koala stays in the mother's poach for 9 months.
  •  When its fur and body are completely developed, it leaves its mother's poach, and climbs on her back to get around.
  •  When it becomes independent, the mother mates again.

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