How to react when meeting a wild animal in Australia

How to react when meeting a wild animal in Australia

Australia is home to different species of wild animals. Most of them are characterized by their unique way of life, diets, and behavior. Australia has become a popular tourist destination because of its wild animals. Australia is home to many species of wild animals, including different species of marsupials, pinnipeds, snakes, and other.

Some tourists really venture to approach wild animals. However, they can really be dangerous for humans. In other words, they may attack you and kill you. As a result, it is crucial to learn how to react when meeting wild animals. Read and discover all about that.

Wild animal: characteristics

Wild animals may be categorized into many groups, particularly, marsupials, primates, edentates, rodents, carnivorous, pinnipeds, toed ungulates, hyraxes and aardvark.

Some of the most dangerous wild animals are lions, crocodiles, hippos. However, some snake species and gorillas can be deadly.

How to react when meeting a wild animal?

  •  When a wild animal approaches you, the first thing to do is to stay calm. If you feel nervous, the animal will be attracted to you and will attack you.
  •  Stop moving. If the animal comes in your direction, avoid running away. Instead, stop moving, stop walking. All you have to do is to stand or sit still. If you move, the animal may consider you as a threat, and it will bite you.
  •  Stop breathing. It is important to retain your breathing when the animal approaches or smells you. It is difficult to do, but it will save you from the aggressive behavior of a wild animal. If it sees you stop breathing, it thinks that you are a lifeless creature. Therefore, it will turn away from you, because they do not attack dead animals or dead beings.
  • At night, before sleeping, wash yourself carefully with scented soap. Change your clothes before sleeping. This means, do not wear clothes you put on for cooking meals when you sleep in the tent. Wild animals may roam at night, may think that you are some sort of delicacy because of the smell of steak or grilled chicken in your clothes.
  • Avoid throwing stones or beating a wild animal with a stick or with anything. The more aggressive you are in front of a wild animal, the more dangerous and deadly it is for you. A wild animal gets quite aggressive if it sees you raise your hand towards its direction.
  •  Avoid touching a wild animal even though it is not aggressive, because its skin might be poisonous and when you touch it, it releases poison into your hand, which will poison you, or cause severe injury to your skin. The marsupials are highly poisonous because of their mono-leaves diet. On the other hand, the spiny pinnipeds are hazardous to touch due to their spines.

Where to meet a wild animal?

Come to Australia to discover wild animals in their natural habitats. Follow the aforementioned guidelines on how to react in front of a wild animal from Opodo, and you will spend a memorable trip in the wild. Book a flight and accommodation with Opodo and see wild animals.